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Albanian Food and Culture

Food and Culture in Albania The people of Albania, mostly engaged in pastoral and agricultural pursuits, barely eke out an existence from their harsh, rocky land. They suffered through the 400-year domination of the Turkish Empire, when farmers were serfs to the sultan, and through the Communist period, when farmers were serfs to the state. […]

Albanian Food

Dairy Products As already mentioned, milk from goats and ewes is made into kos and many varieties of cheeses. Fluid fresh milk and butter are seldom used. Kos is used alone or eaten with other foods. Fruits and Vegetables Oranges, lemons, and figs are the main available fruits; some grapes and wild berries are made […]

Meals, Customs and Special Occasions in Albania

Meals and Customs Again a distinction must be drawn between the humble farmers and mountain-dwelling herders and the urban upper classes. For the mountaineer, flat corn bread is his staple, and since famine and starvation are not new, a deep appreciation of the importance of bread is expressed by the host, who always breaks the […]

Foods Commonly Used in Albania

The foods that are commonly used in Albania The staples of the Albanian diet include: corn; seasonal fruits, such as olives, lemons, figs, and oranges; and ewe’s and goat’s milk from which cheeses and kos are made. Albanians live simply. Only special occasions or social status differentiate the quantity or variety of food that is […]

Albanian Food Glossary

Food Glossary of Albania Corba: soup made with rice and flavored with lemon, sometimes containing chicken or chicken livers. Dolma Me Vaj: rice and pine nuts (sometimes with ground lamb), seasoned with mint or cinnamon, and used as a stuffing for a variety of vegetables (e.g., peppers, tomatoes, zucchini), and oven-baked. Dukagjin: beverage of grape […]

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