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Foods of Armenia

DAIRY PRODUCTS These products are plentiful and form an important part of the Armenian diet. Milk from sheep, goats, and cows is not used fresh but is cultured or soured as buttermilk or yogurt and used, sometimes diluted with water, as a drink or as a snack and often as part of other dishes. Fresh, […]

Foods Commonly Used in Armenia

FOODS COMMONLY USED The highly sophisticated and varied cuisine of Armenia encompasses a wide and well-balanced combination of foods. Lamb and chicken are the favored meats, fresh chopped vegetables are often eaten as sal-ads, and vegetables are an important part of many one-dish meals. Soured or cultured milk and many types of fresh and aged […]

Foods Glossary of Armenia

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS IN ARMENIA Abour: soup. Anoush: jams, or sweet preserves of fruits or vegetables. Asma-Yaprak Dolma: a chilled dish of grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice, cooked and flavored with olive oil, browned onions, and allspice. Baklava or Paklava: many-layered with tissue-thin sheets of phyllo dough, this pastry is filled […]

Domestic Life and Special Occasions in Armenia

DOMESTIC LIFE IN ARMENIA The traditional lifestyle of Armenians can still be seen in the rural and mountain villages. The village is a family, with such an intertwining of caring and sharing that it is difficult to distinguish relatives from friends. Children are loved and respected as much as the oldest grandmother, and each person […]

About food and culture in Armenia

Armenian Food and Culture An oval of mountainous land dominated by the lofty Caucasus Mountains, of which Mount Ararat in the Armenian Republic is the highest, stretches between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. This area, commonly referred to as the Caucasus, is made up of three republics: Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. Neither the […]

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