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Austrian Food and Culture

Food and Culture in Austria Small wonder that the Austrian is said to be preoccupied with the subject of food. For over 600 years the vast Austro-Hungarian Empire enveloped the languages, traditions, and food customs of more than a dozen nations. Even today, Vienna conjures up visions of opulent architecture, lilting waltzes, and mounds of […]

Austrian Foods

DAIRY PRODUCTS Fresh fluid milk is often served boiled rather than cold as a beverage. Sweetened condensed milk is widely used but skim milk and dried milk powder are not favored. Cheeses of all types, sour milk, and thick sour cream are used a great deal. Sweetened, whipped cream is so popular as almost to […]

Austrian Meals and Customs

Meals and Customs of Austria Gracious table manners are part of very early lessons for Austrian children. And these are readily learned, especially when the reward is a slice of sachertorte or apfel strudel mit schlag. Mealtimes are mannered and orderly with the father the first to be served, the leader in conversation, and the […]

Austrian Food Glossary and Food Terms

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS Dobosch Torte: many-layered sponge cake, with a chocolate filling, and characteristically topped with caramel-glazed wedges. Fleischspeisen: meats. Gabelfruhstuck: literally a “fork meal,” referring to the traditional 10:00 a.m. snack usually of a small meat dish or sausage. Gemuse: vegetables. Gulyas: slow-simmered dish of cubed veal in a paprika-onion sauce, […]

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