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Czechoslovakian Food

DAIRY PRODUCTS Sour cream, pot cheese, sour milk, and buttermilk are used widely in many dishes, but milk is seldom used as a beverage. Frequently, hot milk is added to the breakfast coffee. Occasionally, bryndza, a sheep’s milk cheese, finds its way to the table, and some-times the Slovakian peasant specialty of Liptovsky syr (Liptauer […]

Domestic Life and Special Occasions of Czechoslovakia

DOMESTIC LIFE Postwar conditions of crowded housing and working parents, as well as the general scarcity of appliances, meant that the kitchens of Czechs and Slovaks contained the barest necessities. Food storage was not a consideration for most families because foods were usually purchased on a daily basis. More recently, with working parents, traditional home […]

Czechoslovakian Food and Culture

Food and Culture of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia was born in October 1918, out of the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire after World War I. It would simplify our under-standing of the people and the region if we could say that the mother was Czech and the father Slovakian. But as in real life, it has not […]

Czechoslovakian Meals and Customs

MEALS AND CUSTOMS Traditionally, Czechs and Slovaks prefer all meals to be served hot. When a variety of food is not abundant, they are satisfied with coffee and breads for breakfast; a quick hot lunch may be based on sausages or a potato or vegetable dish; dinner may be a soup with a second course […]

Czechoslovakian Food Glossary

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS Bramborove Knedliky: potato dumplings. Briosky: brioches. A rich light yeast bread or roll made with cream and egg yolks, shaped with the characteristic round knob on top. Bryndza: cheese made from sheep’s milk. Buchty: sweet yeast buns baked with Povidla (thick plum jam) or apricot filling. Thin rolled squares […]

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