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Danish Food and Culture

Food and Culture in Denmark The mainland of Denmark, together with its surrounding islands, juts into the cold and stormy waters of the Skagerrak and the Kattegat, the North and Baltic Seas, yet within the hearts and the homes of the Danes there is a special warmth. The Danes have their own word for it: […]

Danish Food

FOOD FROM DENMARK DAIRY PRODUCTS Milk, whey, or buttermilk are freely used often as refreshing beverages and also in soups and gravies. Cream is used generously in ice cream, whipped cream sauces (savory not sweet), as well as in desserts as sweetened whipped cream. In fact, plain cream, whipped cream, and sour cream are found […]

Danish Domestic Life

DOMESTIC LIFE IN DENMARK The old Danish proverb “First flowers, then food on the table” explains the Danish delight in well-designed table appointments and cookware. These, together with a collection of candles and accessories that is present in most Danish homes, makes it difficult not to set an appealing table. And if flowers are not […]

Danish Special Occasions

SPECIAL OCCASIONS IN DENMARK Most Danes are Lutherans and the majority of those who aren’t are Roman Catholics. But festivities celebrated are not always of a religious nature. Birthdays, Midsummer Eve, even the start of the crayfish season are all celebrated as avidly as Christmas, Easter, weddings, and christenings. Drinking itself can be a special […]

Danish Meals and Customs

MEALS AND CUSTOMS OF DENMARK Although Danes adapt readily to new ideas, they still relish foods in season, like tiny shrimps, which they heap on buttered white bread; the first delicate straw-berries; new potatoes; fresh white asparagus. They still believe firmly that the best lunch is smorrebrod and that beer is the best chaser for […]

Danish Food Glossary and Food Terms

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS Aebleskiver: a round dimpled skillet used especially for cooking puffed apple-filled cakes of the same name. Often served with a dusting of cinnamon or icing sugar. Aeggestand: baked custard of eggs and cream (usually in individual molds); the classic accompaniment to Smorrebrod fish or mushroom dishes. Akvavit: clear potent […]

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