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Egyptian Food

FOOD FROM EGYPT DAIRY PRODUCTS Fresh fluid milk is rarely used except occasionally in cooking. Some goat’s milk is used but cow and buffalo milk are preferred. In the cities milk is sold from door to door and is always boiled before using. A variety of milk products are available in cities — pasteurized milk, […]

Egyptian Domestic Life and Special Occasions

DOMESTIC LIFE AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS IN EGYPT The Egyptian’s lifestyle and domestic facilities are sharply defined by class and gender. Modern ideas and technology have made great inroads in the educational, economic, and agricultural spheres, but the roles of male and female have changed little from ancient times. Upper-class women enjoy higher education and the […]

Egyptian Meals, Customs and Foods Commonly Used

MEALS, CUSTOMS AND FOODS COMMONLY USED IN EGYPT The abundance of gracious words, multiple cups of coffee, and a proliferation of heaped dishes that are all so typical of the unfailing Arabian hospitality can he explained in one word – shaban, meaning total satisfaction. The shaban of the guest is the joy of the host […]

Egyptian foods glossary and foods terms

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS IN EGYPT Asha: the evening meal. Bamieh Bilahmeh: a stew of browned cubed lamb, garlic, and tomato sauce, completed with the addition of okra near the end of cooking time. Served with rice. Bettai or Bettawa: classic Arab bread made of whole-wheat flour and leavening and baked in a […]

Egyptian Food and Culture

FOOD AND CULTURE IN EGYPT Sphinx, pyramids, pharaohs, and mummies all evoke vivid images of ancient Egypt. But so should a sip of cool frothy beer or a bite of warm crusty bread, because both are credited to the inventive genius of ancient Egyptians: an unnamed brewer and an equally obscure baker. Perhaps it is […]

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