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Finnish Food and Culture

FOOD AND CULTURE IN FINLAND Six hundred years of Swedish rule and a hundred years of Russian domination have left their stamp on the language and food customs of Finland but the character of the people remains unique. The difficulty in understanding Finns becomes apparent when descriptions vary from “honest yet stubborn” to “slow and […]

Finnish Food

FOODS FROM FINLAND DAIRY PRODUCTS Much milk is consumed as a fresh whole beverage, as clabbered milk, called viili piima, or fresh butter-milk. Finland is famed for its great variety of quality cheeses: Aura, Emmenthal, Kesti, Kreivi, Tilsitter. There are also many local fresh-milk cheeses similar to pot cheese or cottage cheese and called simply […]

Finnish Domestic Life and Special Occasions

DOMESTIC LIFE AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS IN FINLAND Because of the country’s many rivers and streams, electrical power is used all over Finland, even in country barns. But wood and coal continue to be the common fuel for heating and cooking. Ruisleipa is still baked in brick oven – several times a week in eastern Finland, […]

Finnish Meals and Customs

MEALS AND CUSTOMS IN FINLAND Finns wake up to a morning coffee, pulla (braided yeast bread), or open-face sandwiches of cheese and meats. Many Finns prefer coffee only and save their appetites for a lunch of puuroa (cooked cereal) or, in the country, a heartier meal of meat or fish with potatoes and gravy, bread […]

Finnish Daily Meals and Sauna Ritual

Daily Meals and Sauna Ritual in Finland THE SAUNA RITUAL All Finn women follow housekeeping routines with almost religious fervor, but the bustle of Saturday’s activities is rewarded and soothed with the relaxation of the Saturday night sauna. The ritual of the sauna occupies such a central place in the lives of Finns that often, […]

Finnish foods glossary and foods terms

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS IN FINLAND Aamiainen: breakfast. Besimarja: brambleberry liqueur. Easter Mammi: a very old traditional Easter dish that is a baked pudding or a beverage depending on where it is served. Made from water and rye flour, molasses, orange peel, and raisins. The pudding version is traditionally baked and served in […]

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