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French Food and Culture

FRENCH FOOD AND CULTURE Impossible. Impossible to think of France without at once being pleasantly assaulted with a sensuous vision of velvety wines and tempting French foods. Is this reputation a carefully nurtured legend or does it indeed have some basis in fact? A great cuisine can only be developed where there are suitable and […]

Typical French Food

DAIRY PRODUCTS Milk by itself is not used as a common beverage except for very young children. Even so, it is more likely that they will join the rest of the family for the breakfast cafe au lait (sweetened coffee with hot milk) and croissants or baguettes with preserves. In the Basque area, foamy hot […]

French Domestic Life

FRENCH DOMESTIC LIFE Just as “much of French history is simply Paris history presented as a fait accompli to the provinces,” so the French lessons of life are simply the family viewpoint presented as indisputable fact to the child. The principles of a sense of “belonging” and “favoritism” are inculcated early. In many ways, French […]

French Special Occasions

FRENCH SPECIAL OCCASIONS The majority of the population of France is Roman Catholic with a minority being Protestant and some of the Jewish faith. The two most important religious festivities of the year for Christians are Christmas and Lent. Christmas is ushered in with the celebration of midnight mass followed by Reveillon, a festive meal […]

French Foods Commonly Used

COMMONLY USED FRENCH FOODS It does not matter which food you name: if it is prepared by a French cook it will look and taste “French”. Therefore, we must conclude that the foods themselves are not French, but surely the preparation technique, the seasonings that enhance their flavors, and the way they are served make […]

French Meal and Customs

FRENCH MEAL AND CUSTOMS Food is a subject of prime importance to every French person. It is not uncommon for suggestions for the day’s menus to be discussed by family members at the breakfast table over a hot drink, breads, and preserves. Traditional French food recipes are treasured and the happy purchase of a young […]

French Food Glossary and Food Terms

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS Au Gratin: any dish that is sprinkled with buttered crumbs and/or grated cheese then placed under a broiler so that a lightly browned topping is formed. Sometimes a light cream sauce may mask the ingredients before sprinkling toasted bread crumbs and cheese on top to form a crunchy crust. […]

The Beginning of French Gastronomy

THE BEGINNING OF FRENCH GASTRONOMY The real turning point in the French gastronomy was the arrival from Italy of a plump fourteen-year old girl named Catherine de Medici. She came to Paris in 1533 to become the queen of Henry II. It was not she who revolutionized the tastes of France; it was her retinue […]

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