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Irish Food and Culture

FOOD AND CULTURE IN IRELAND The Irish are one with their land. Warm, sprightly, and whimsical on the outside, the Irish character occasionally surfaces to reveal mercurial ups and downs of temperament firmly rooted in steadfast stubbornness. The land is the same. A moderately moist climate gently washes over the idyllically green land, which is […]

Irish Food

FOOD FROM IRELAND Conservative Irish cookery in the home has not moved far from the traditional staples known and enjoyed for centuries. The earliest staples were oatmeal, dairy products, and leeks. Oatmeal is still used; dairy products are still favored, although tea and stout are more popular as beverages; leeks still appear in traditional dishes, […]

Irish Domestic Life and Special Occasions

DOMESTIC LIFE AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS IN IRELAND DOMESTIC LIFE The emigrant Irish may dream of potato fields, turf-roofed cottages, and a hearth with bubbling stew, and they could return to Ireland today and see much unchanged. Modern Irish cities, however, are as noisy and crowded as most around the world, but one need not travel […]

Irish Meals and Customs

MEALS AND CUSTOMS IN IRELAND From a many centuries’ tradition of “having to endure,” the Irish have found some consolation in their “pint o’ stout,” their pot of potatoes, and probably even in the whimsical names lovingly given to the humblest of their dishes. Three meals a day is a fine pattern to follow if […]

Irish Glossary of Foods and Food Terms

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS IN IRELAND Balnamoon Skink: a traditional special rich chicken broth and vegetables finished by beating in egg yolks. Barmbrack: one of the few yeast leavened breads made in Ireland. Increasingly more varieties are being added. This delicious fruited bread is a special treat for Halloween when tiny charms are […]

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