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The Netherlands Food and Culture

ABOUT FOOD AND CULTURE OF THE NETHERLANDS For many people, “Dutch” is synonymous with a number of stereotypes: the clopping of wooden shoes, children skating to school in the winter, and a lone boy somewhere with his finger in a dyke. Some think of the Dutch as staid and stolid, settled placidly into a life […]

Dutch Foods

FOODS OF THE NETHERLANDS DAIRY PRODUCTS Milk and buttermilk as beverages are consumed more by children than adults, although a substantial amount of milk is used in tea and coffee. The cheeses of the Netherlands are famous, such as Edam, Gouda, and the spiced Leiden, all named for the towns where they are produced. The […]

Dutch Domestic Life and Special Occasions

THE NETHERLANDS DOMESTIC LIFE AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS The spotless Dutch kitchen, boasting shiny rows of plates in the cupboards and a collection of spoons hung in a spoon rack, which was always so much a part of pioneer Dutch kitchens, is often still found today. Many Dutch have a fondness for delftware — earthenware dishes […]

Meals, Customs and Foods Commonly Used

MEALS AND CUSTOMS The average day in the Netherlands begins with an ample breakfast of many breads, unsalted butter and jams, sliced cheeses, and occasionally a fried or boiled egg. Young children often eat a breakfast cereal called pap. Adults drink tea with milk and sugar, while the youngsters have milk or buttermilk. Lunch, called […]

Dutch Food Glossary

GLOSSARY OF FOOD AND FOOD TERMS Amandelspijs: Christmas almond cake. Appel Beignets: deep-fried apple fritters served with a sugar dusting. A New Year’s Eve treat. Appelbollen: apples baked in a puff pastry. A New Year’s Eve treat. Balletjes: small meatballs often used as soup garnish. Bitterballen: small coated deep-fried meatballs used as appetizers. Borstplaat: brightly […]

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