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Filipino Food and Culture

FOOD AND CULTURE IN PHILIPPINES A partially submerged mountain range in the south-eastern Pacific Ocean forms a grouping of 7,100 islands and islets called the Philippines. Tropically hot and humid and frequently struck by torrential rains and earthquake tremors, more than 90 percent of these islands are an uninhabited tropical wilderness. In fact, more than […]

Foods in Philippines

FILIPINO FOODS DAIRY PRODUCTS The gentle carabao, similar to the water buffalo, is the farmer’s workhorse and also provides milk from which a delicate white cheese is made. This cheese is widely used, especially at the end of meals. Fresh dairy products are increasingly available, using cow’s milk, as well as canned evaporated milk and […]

Meals and Customs in Philippines

FILIPINO MEALS AND CUSTOMS As in all other areas of Philippine life, the origins of eating customs can be traced to the history of the islands themselves. As in most Asian regions, rice is the most respected staple, for hunger is always a reality. Although many Filipinos enjoy a prosperous life and happily mingle foods, […]

Glossary of Foods and Food Terms in Philippines

FILIPINO FOOD GLOSSARY AND FOOD TERMS Achara: generic name for a variety of sweet/sour pickles and relishes served with meat or fish. Adobo: classic Philippine dish of slow-simmered chicken and pork (other meats may be used) cooked until the liquid evaporates. Oil is added to brown the meats, then the whole is served with rice. […]

Domestic Life in Philippines

FILIPINO DOMESTIC LIFE The influence of American and Spanish occupations is apparent in both public and private life. The Spanish occupation brought with it increased religious participation especially by women. But the newer patterns did not replace ancient Asian kinship ties: the importance of family relationships and responsibilities are of prime concern. The new religion […]

Foods Commonly Used in Philippines

FILIPINO FOODS THAT ARE COMMONLY USED Filipinos enjoy salty, cool, and sour tastes. They love to combine many different ingredients in one dish, favor onions and garlic as a base to most preparations, and consider frying one of their favorite methods of cookery. Tropical fruits and vegetables blend happily with pork, chicken, and seafood in […]

Special Occasions in Philippines

FILIPINO SPECIAL OCCASIONS The population of the Philippines is 80 percent Roman Catholic. About 4 percent of the population follow the Muslim faith and are called (much to their resentment) Moros. The latter group live in independent groups faithfully following Islamic ceremonies and customs and are ruled by their own chieftain or sultan called the […]

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