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Romanian Food and Their Culture

FOOD AND CULTURE OF ROMANIA The Romanian is a study in contrasts. Like the Romanian climate which is icily cold in winter and fiercely hot in summer, the Romanian can be consumed with melancholy listening to the doine (poignant country songs of love and longing) or elevated to a passionate frenzy when dancing the hora […]

Romanian Food

FOODS OF ROMANIA DAIRY PRODUCTS Yogurt, soured milk, and cottage cheese head the list of dairy products in the Romanian food diet for these are not only eaten by themselves but enjoyed as parts of many other food and dishes. Sweet cream is widely used as whipped cream in pastries, and sour cream finds a […]

Domestic Life in Romania

ROMANIAN DOMESTIC LIFE Romanian homes are brightly decorated with wall hangings, curtains, coverlets and tablecloths of richly intricate embroideries. Displays of folk pottery and carved wooden objects attest to an artistic people who are seldom idle with their hands. Even much of the furniture is handmade and beautifully carved and finished. The center of most […]

Special Occasions in Romania

ROMANIAN SPECIAL OCCASIONS Over 85 percent of the population is Romanian Orthodox. Very small minorities of Roman Catholics, Protestants, and Jews make up the remainder. The Romanian calendar burgeons with fast days and feast days, lucky days and unlucky days, rites for spring and rites for winter, sheep milking festivals, harvest and seeding festivals, wine […]

Meals, Customs and Foods Commonly Used in Romania

ROMANIAN MEALS, CUSTOMS AND FOOD COMMONLY USED The single most important staple of the Romanian diet is mamaliga (the name is of Turkish origin from mama, and means food). Many peasants have survived almost solely on this cornmeal porridge while even the upper classes make it almost a daily part of the menu. Romanians are […]

Food Glossary and Food Terms in Romania

ROMANIAN GLOSSARY OF FOOD AND FOOD TERMS Balmos: boiled cheese balls. Bors or Borsh de Miel: sour soup (like Russian Borsch) with pieces of lamb. Branza de Burduf: cheese flavored with pine. Budinca: rich steamed puddings made with eggs, meat and/or vegetables, cut in squares to serve. Cartofi: potatoes. Cas: unsalted country cheese. Ciorba: soups […]

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