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Swedish Food, Customs and Culture

FOODS, CUSTOMS AND CULTURE OF SWEDEN Maintaining neutrality in two world wars, and historically the benevolent ruler of parts of the Baltic, Germany, and Finland, Sweden stands today as the wealthiest, most cosmopolitan country of Northern Europe. Sweden’s population of approximately 8.5 million makes her the fourth-largest nation in Northern Europe. Despite the fact that […]

Foods in Sweden

SWEDISH FOODS DAIRY PRODUCTS Children may take milk with their meals; adults prefer beer or coffee. The main form of milk consumption is in a wide variety of mostly mild cheeses which are eaten for breakfast, as appetizers, as part of the smorgasbord (sliced cheeses and sliced meats), or for dessert with fruits. FRUITS AND […]

Swedish Domestic Life and Foods Commonly Used

DOMESTIC LIFE AND FOODS COMMONLY USED IN SWEDEN Swedes enjoy most modern kitchen facilities and appliances, use electricity widely, and should they lack anything, it is sure to be imported. Beautiful tableware is prevalent in all homes and there is scarcely a meal where flowers do not grace the table. Enjoying a variety of produce […]

Special Occasions in Sweden

SWEDISH SPECIAL OCCASIONS Although tolerant of all religious beliefs, most Swedes are Lutheran. Church affiliation is begun almost at birth, but holidays and festivities are celebrated more out of tradition and sheer enjoyment than out of any deep religious convictions. Perhaps it is to allay the cold and the months of darkness, or perhaps it […]

Meals and Customs in Sweden

SWEDISH MEALS AND LOCAL CUSTOMS Once again, the predominant word for this discussion on meal patterns is “ritual.” Incredible as it may seem for such a sophisticated people, the Swedes delight not only in drinking according to prescribed ritual (as in the shoal tradition) but they eat certain foods in a specifically prescribed way, and […]

Swedish Glossary of Foods and Food Terms

FOOD GLOSSARY AND FOOD TERMS IN SWEDEN Akvavit: the clear, faintly caraway-flavored liquor without which there could be no shoal, that formidable Scandinavian ritual of the raised glass, the joint meeting of eyes (as if in agreement to the intent) followed by the downing of the potent brew, a nod, and the raising of the […]

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