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Does America have a food culture

How Does America Incorporate a Better Food Culture?

Food is required for all living creatures dwelling on this planet, and we as human beings have evolved food to reflect our own culture. Healthy and nutritious food habits go a long way in determining the health of the citizens of a nation. A country which cultivates a healthy food habit definitely excels with better health ratio. If the nation comprises people of diverse ethnic group with their assorted specifications then food does not stand untouched. Since America has diverse communities, accommodating them together the question automatically arises that does America have a food culture in particular.

American food cultureEach nation has its own unique food habits. A food culture can be traced following the recipes and eating habits and trends of different communities. The same goes with America as well, but as the Red Indian being Americas natives and with their downfall, somewhere the diversity in food has become far too vast. When these people from different places settled down in America, the native people were least willing to disregard their own food habit. This resulted in a food culture which is not only unique but an amalgamated whole which duly answers the questions that does America have a food culture to boast about.

Food consumed by majority of Americans

Most Americans eat junk or fast food such as pizza and hamburger because it takes less time to consume and much cheaper than other food items available in the market. However, that does not mean Americans are not eager to try other cuisines. They are keen to try out new delicacies since their food habit is uni dimensional to some extent. Hence, Americans are gradually getting accustomed to different foods and it is not worth asking does America have a food culture anymore.

Food eaten by different ethnic groups in America.

Different communities such as Asians, Hispanics, and Afro-Americans form a sizable population in America. They have their own unique food specialties. This food culture with the passing time is being converged with that of the Native Americans thus giving birth to an ingenious food culture. Hence, it is of no use if we still wonder does America have a food culture. Americans have their own cuisine specialty which is still developing and consequently getting accepted worldwide.

Different communities influences food in American life

Each group comes with itsĀ  own staple food stuff and preferences .Due to this the mainstream food habits of Americans are gradually getting influenced as the food culture of different ethnic and minority groups is gettingĀ  assimilated into whole making the researchers ponder on that does America have a food culture. Even traditional food outlets are now offering different type of foods, which seemed improbable earlier. Now at this point answer to this query Does America have a food culture is definitely yes. As America has adapted to different cultures then different food items are also expected to be admired on a larger extent in America.

Now, American diet consists of different cuisines brought about by different groups who are settled there, generation after generation. As days go by it is becoming evident that America does have a food culture which reflects unity in diversity.

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