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Glossary of Foods and Food Terms in Australia


Anzac Crispies: crisp oatmeal cookies. Beetroot: common name for beets.

Biscuits: common name for cookies, many of which are also known as Kiwi Crisps, Maori Kisses, Hokey Pokey Biscuits, Moomba Fingers, and so on.

Brawn: a jelled mix of cooked cubed beef, veal, and pork.

Capsicums: common name for red and green sweet peppers.

Castor Sugar: finely granulated white sugar.

Chiko Rolls: snack food similar to small Chinese egg rolls.

Chooki: chicken.

Cofa: solidified block of coconut oil used mainly in desserts.

Cream Sponge: a light sponge cake, split and filled with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Cumquats: a variety of tiny oranges, sour in taste and used especially in sugary preserves.

Damper: quick bread, mixed with a knife, and made with self-rising flour and milk or water. It may be baked in the oven or directly on coals (the outer crust would then be scraped off and discarded).

Egg and Bacon Pie: a quick luncheon or supper dish prepared by lining a piecrust with bacon strips, then breaking in the desired number of eggs, and finally topping with an egg/milk-glazed pastry, and baking till set.

Floater: a meat pie served floating in soup – usually pea soup.

Goanna: large fatty lizard, often eaten grilled.

Granny Smith: a variety of apple, bright green and crisp.

Hogget (or Two-Tooth): name given to sheep from nine to twenty months old, having passed the lamb stage but not yet matured.

Kabobs: meats that are sliced or cubed and threaded on skewers for barbecuing or broiling.

Kromeskies: mixture of diced cooked meats and seasonings, wrapped in bacon then dipped in fritter batter and deep-fried. These are served as appetizers and eaten dipped into tomato sauce (ketchup).

Kumera: sweet potatoes or yams.

Lamington Cake: butter cake, usually frosted with chocolate icing and coated with shredded coconut.

Mince: ground meat, usually beef. This term may also refer to any finely chopped mixture.

Molehill: a dessert of almond-filled prunes coated and mounded with a light mixture of gelatin, whipped eggs, and whipped cream, then topped with grated chocolate.

Muesli: dry breakfast cereal of Swiss origin made of toasted oats, nuts, and dried fruits and served dry or with milk. This mixture is also used in the preparation of many breads and biscuits.

Mutton: lamb that is more than two years old that has dark red flesh with hard white fat. Young mutton is twenty months to two years old.

Pavlova: a delicately baked meringue of egg whites and sugar topped with whipped cream and fresh seasonal fruits. Considered to be the Australian national dessert.

Pikelets: a quickly made mix of eggs, milk, self-rising flour, and sugar, similar to pancakes. The mixture is dropped by spoonfuls on a hot griddle and browned on both sides. They are eaten as a cool dessert.

Tomato Sauce: ketchup. Sago: tapioca.

Spaetzli: small drops of soft dough either poached or fried before adding to soups.

Sucker: a very young spring lamb, less than nine months old.

Tohero: a shellfish with a distinctive green color.

Trifle: dessert of English origin prepared by layering fingers of plain cake with custard sauce and fruit then garnishing with whipped cream, glaceed cherries, and nuts.

Vegemite: a favorite Australian spread, brown in color and yeasty in taste. Said to be highly nutritious, it is as popular with Australians as peanut butter is with North Americans.

Wholemeal: Australian term for wholegrain (whole-wheat) flour.


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