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The area west of the Danube is famed for its vineyards and matchless wines. But the residents like to drink, in addition to their own wines, bottled mineral waters. This is one of the few places in Hungary where milk is drunk as a beverage and milk and home-baked breads are a usual lunch.

Many mushrooms grow wild in this area but most famous of all are the truffles carefully sniffed out by trained dogs. The area is also noted for its many goose farms, especially for the huge goose livers from specially fattened geese.

Local specialties include white hurka, a sausage made more from grains than meat. It is first boiled and then fried. Curd cheese and browned onions fill noodle squares that are pinched together then poached and eaten with a thin sauce of paprika cooked in lard. Many simple milk soups (meatless), pastries, strudels, and dumplings using fresh curd cheese are much enjoyed in this region.

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