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Belarus Food and Culture

Food and Culture from Belarus Belarus is currently a nation of approximately ten and a half million people wedged into a tiny region between Russia and Poland. Formerly called Byelorussians or White Russians, the people of Belarus now call themselves Belorussian. They are members of the Eastern Slav nations which include Greater Russia and Ukraine. […]

Foods Commonly Used in Belarus

Belarus Commonly Used Foods Belorussian foods are almost identical to Russian and Polish preferences and dishes, but the names of the dishes may vary. Dairy products used liberally include sour cream, milk and sweet cream as ingredients and as additions to prepared foods. As in Russian cuisine, there are few dishes that are not improved […]

Belarus Foods Glossary

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS Buraki: a simple beet soup made with a rich meat stock, sliced cooked beets, a splash of lemon juice, and garnished with sour cream and sprigs of fresh dill. Chiebny Kvas: A kind of cider drink prepared from dry rye bread. The dry bread is crumbled into a crock […]

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