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Bulgarian Foods and Culture

Foods and Culture of Bulgaria Famous for its exports of fine fruits and attar of roses (used in perfume blending), Bulgaria is probably most renowned for the legendary vigorous health and longevity of its inhabitants. The Bulgarians themselves modestly attribute their health and long life to the properties of yogurt, which they claim was invented […]

Bulgarian Foods

FOODS FROM BULGARIA DAIRY PRODUCTS Sheep’s and goat’s milk are made into many types of cheeses or used as sour cream, milk, or yogurt. Yogurt itself may be used as a cooling refreshment or as a drink either plain or diluted with cold water. It is also used in soups, vegetable dishes, and served with […]

Domestic Life, Meals and Customs in Bulgaria

DOMESTIC LIFE The traditional Bulgarian kitchen is bright with homespun and hand-embroidered table linens and curtains, hand-painted pottery dishes, and carved wooden mugs. Strings of peppers and mushrooms of many varieties add color and aroma as they hang drying from the rafters. In country or city, the eating area is the heart of the home; […]

Special Occasions and Foods Commonly Used in Bulgaria

SPECIAL OCCASIONS Although the more than 8 million Bulgarians include a variety of ethnic groups, almost 90 percent of them belong to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, a branch of the Eastern Orthodox Church; about 9 percent are of the Muslim faith, and these include the Turks and the Pomaks (the name given to Bulgarian converts […]

Bulgarian foods glossary and food terms

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS Banitsa or Banitza: Bulgarian national dish made with phyllo pastry filled with cheese, spinach, pump-kin, meat or fish mixtures. May be shaped as square or round pies, or small twisted shapes. For New Year’s Day it contains small charms. Bulgur Pilaf: dish made from rice browned in butter with […]

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