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erman Foods Glossary and Foods Terms

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS IN GERMANY Apfelkuchen: a short rich pastry is pressed into the bottom and sides of a springform pan. Sliced apples, bread crumbs, currants flavored with rum and grated lemon rind are arranged over the pastry, then baked. Twenty minutes before removing from the oven a creamy egg custard is […]

German Food

DAIRY PRODUCTS Milk is not a favorite beverage except for children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. Milk is used in custards, puddings, and cream fillings. In East Germany where the cuisine tends to retain its traditional tastes, there is a more prominent use of sour cream than in the rest of Germany. In Northern and […]

German Food and Culture

FOOD AND CULTURE IN GERMANY As early as 100 C.E., the Roman historian Tacitus described the Germans as a “warrior nation, hard-drinking, honest and hospitable.” He spoke of German food as “simple” but hearty, that included breads and gruels made from oats, millet and barley, wild fruits and berries and wild game and fowl roasted […]

German Domestic Life and Special Occasions

Domestic Life and Special Occasions in Germany The German home is an orderly one and German cleanliness is legendary. Children are taught very early to be polite, courteous, and responsible. There are some regional differences that are noted by Germans themselves. Northerners feel that Bavarians (in the south) take life too easily, are too fond […]

German Meals and Customs

MEALS AND CUSTOMS IN GERMANY Early risers, the Germans like a light breakfast of bread or rolls with butter and preserves and coffee with canned milk and sugar. Children may be served a porridge of oats or rice flavored with raisins and cinnamon. But since that first meal of the day is served before the […]

German Foods Commonly Used

FOODS COMMONLY USED IN GERMANY Pork, beer, potatoes, sauerkraut, and black bread are not only German staples, they are simple hearty foods that German ingenuity has raised to gastronomic heights of perfection and diversity. With newer trends to lightness and simplicity, people increasingly forgo soups as being fattening, and eat less bread and potatoes but […]

German Regional Food Specialties

REGIONAL SPECIALTIES While the various regions of Germany were independent and autonomous communities until relatively recently, it is not surprising that they also developed special regional foods. There is a common factor: almost everywhere, these regional foods are based on the country’s favorite staples of beer, pork, potatoes, and cabbage, yet they are different in […]

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