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Iranian Food and Culture

ABOUT IRAN AND ITS FOOD AND CULTURE In 1935, the Shah Mohammed Riza Pahlevi changed the name of his country from Persia to Iran. Changing a name is simple, but shifting an ancient nation into the high gear of modern western civilization is a monumental and complex task. Beginning with the shedding of women’s veils […]

Iranian Foods

FOODS IN IRAN DAIRY PRODUCTS Ten percent of Iran’s population consists of nomadic tribes who herd coats and sheep. Fresh milk is not practical in a hot climate; goats and sheep can forage for food in dry scraggy areas where cattle could not survive; hence the title of “poor man’s cow” bestowed on the goat, […]

Domestic Life in Iran

IRANIAN DOMESTIC LIFE The traditional walled-in houses and picturesque gardens of Iranian homes reveal a deep respect of the old ways. Traditionally, while the men pursued their trades, crafts, or other work, the women spent long hours lovingly preparing fresh seasonings and the intricate ingredients for favorite dishes. Besides meal preparation, their work included the […]

Foods Commonly Used in Iran

IRANIAN FOODS THAT ARE COMMONLY USED The classic Middle Eastern staples of lamb, wheat bread, eggplant, and yogurt are also the staples of Iran. But Iranian cuisine sets itself apart by the cultivation and use of rice for almost every meal. “A loaf of bread, a jug of wine” may have satisfied Omar Khayyam, but […]

Glossary of Foods and Food Terms in Iran

IRANIAN FOOD GLOSSARY AND FOOD TERMS Aarak: a strong colorless liquor (possibly Chinese in origin) made from fermented rice and molasses, taken as an aperitif and sometimes diluted with water. Because it is not made from grape fermentation, for some Muslims it somehow circumvents the prohibition against alcohol, more specifically wine. In Iraq, Aarak may […]

Special Occasions in Iran

IRANIAN SPECIAL OCCASIONS The largest religious group in the ancient land of Iran is Muslim, with much smaller groups of Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians. Friday is the Muslim day of rest and Iranian women relax by enjoying a form of a country picnic, chaperoned by the men of the family: The traditional dish is kuku […]

Meals and Customs in Iran

IRANIAN MEALS AND CUSTOMS Consideration of others and refinement of manners are as much a part of the Iranian character as appreciation of and dedication to artistry. Shoes are traditionally removed before entering a room and the main meal of the day is always preceded by ceremonious hand-washing and the serving of tea. The traditional […]

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