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Special Occasions in Korea

KOREAN SPECIAL OCCASIONS Similar in pattern to their culture, the religion of Koreans is gently layered. That is, although many are Christians today, their Christianity does not dispose of, but somehow rests amiably with, the traditional “layers” of Buddhism, Confucianism, spirit worship, and animism. Special occasions may be divided into those concerning family rites and […]

Foods Commonly Used in Korea

KOREAN COMMONLY USED FOODS The foods that are the daily staples reflect the produce of agriculture: rice, barley, and many varieties of beans, cabbages, potatoes, and squash. Pear and persimmon trees are most common, but peaches, chestnuts, and walnuts are also enjoyed. While the Chinese introduced market gardening and irrigation methods, the Japanese influence was […]

Glossary of Foods and Food Terms in Korea

KOREAN FOOD GLOSSARY AND FOOD TERMS Bam-Kyung-Dan: dessert of spiced pureed chestnut formed into balls, rolled in honey then chopped almonds. Bibim-Bab: literally, mixed rice: a variety of fresh and dried vegetables all individually cooked plus beef and egg shredded pancake. All of these are precisely shredded and sliced then arranged over a bowl of […]

Meals and Customs in Korea

KOREAN MEALS AND CUSTOMS Koreans disagree whether breakfast or supper is the main meal of the day. Generally breakfast is more important in the country, while supper is the main meal in the city. Considering the work patterns, this emphasis can he understood. Since rice and kimchi are present at every meal, the additions of […]

Domestic Life in Korea

KOREAN DOMESTIC LIFE There are sharp contrasts between the domestic life of Koreans in farming villages and those who live and work in cities. The majority of Koreans live in farming villages, for even fishermen in seashore communities pursue some form of agriculture. The villages are mostly democratic, each tending to be an almost independent […]

Foods in Korea

KOREAN FOODS DAIRY PRODUCTS As in China and Japan, the use of dairy products such as cheeses and butter and cultured milk products is not a part of the Korean menu. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES The persimmon and the Chinese pear are the most common fruits. However, fruits are not a staple part of the menu, […]

Korean Food and Culture

FOOD AND CULTURE IN KOREA Choson or Tai Hun is the name the Koreans give to their beautiful mountainous country. The name means “Land of the Morning Calm,” a name perhaps representing more hope than fact. As a strategic land bridge between north Asia and the outside world, especially the islands of Japan, the mountainous […]

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