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Mexican Foods

FOODS IN MEXICO DAIRY PRODUCTS Fresh milk is available but is not widely used. Canned evaporated and sweetened condensed milks are popular, perhaps because they keep better. These are used in beverages and especially to make the dessert flan. Mild cheeses are usually used grated as a topping or garnish to other foods. FRUITS AND […]

Domestic Life in Mexico

MEXICAN DOMESTIC LIFE DOMESTIC LIFE Many old but very practical cooking utensils are still widely used in Mexico. These include: Cazuela: earthenware casserole used both for cooking and serving Olla: earthenware jug Comal: round iron or earthenware baking sheet used to cook tortillas Metate: three-legged oblong stone base used with a cylindrical stone called a […]

Special Occasions in Mexico

MEXICAN SPECIAL OCCASIONS The predominant religion in Mexico is Roman Catholic. But together with Christmas and Easter, many other typical Mexican festivals are observed and many of these are peculiar only to a province or town. Festivals are generally characterized with local costumes, street dancing, and vendors busily selling sweet cakes and confections for the […]

Foods Commonly Used in Mexico

MEXICAN FOODS THAT ARE COMMONLY USED The staples of the Mexican diet are: Chilies: as many as 92 varieties are available, each varying both in hotness and flavor Chorizo: a fresh sausage made from pork and seasonings Frijoles: beans of many varieties but most commonly the small black beans which are usually well cooked then […]

Meals and Customs in Mexico

MEXICAN MEALS AND CUSTOMS Desayuno is breakfast in Mexico and as in many other places, it is eaten early and is usually a light meal. For the countryside farmer or the worker in Mexico City, the first meal may be tortillas with frijoles refritos sprinkled with mild grated cheese and washed down with hot chocolate […]

Glossary of Foods and Food Terms in Mexico

MEXICAN FOOD GLOSSARY AND FOOD TERMS Almuerzo: name given to an early (11:00 a.m.) light lunch, often a dish based on Tortillas. Annatto: the seeds of a tropical tree, delicate in flavor but colors foods a bold orange-red. Called achiote in Mexico. Arroz: rice. Bolillas: crusty, torpedo-shaped rolls of white bread (wheat flour) popular at […]

Mexican Food and Culture

FOOD AND CULTURE IN MEXICO To millions of Mexicans and tourists alike, Mexico usually means Mexico City. That thriving metropolis carries her more than 600 years with dignity, charm, and a great deal of sophistication as she cradles more than 8,300,000 people on her plateau situated about 7,300 feet above sea level. Mexico had a […]

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