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New Zealand Foods

FOODS IN NEW ZEALAND DAIRY PRODUCTS Milk is taken by most children at most meals in the form of fresh whole milk. Where considered necessary, toddlers are provided with the New Zealand Whole Milk Biscuit, a cookie enriched with protein in the form of skim milk powder. Most adults take some milk in tea, soups, […]

Domestic Life in New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND DOMESTIC LIFE The mutually appreciative and interdependent relationship shared by the peoples of New Zealand is depicted in the preparation, serving, and storing of homegrown foods. Certainly the Maoris’ vast knowledge of and skill with local produce, fish and fowl added to the European larder. Abundant water power produces hydroelectricity widely used in […]

Foods Commonly Used in New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND COMMONLY USED FOODS Because many of the plants brought by the first Polynesians who arrived in New Zealand more than a thousand years ago (such as coconut) would not grow, sub-tropical New Zealand differs from the rest of the South Pacific. It was the Maoris who, with diligence and patience, coaxed varieties of […]

New Zealand Meals, Customs and Special Occasions

MEALS AND CUSTOMS The pattern of three meals a day is slowly making inroads into the long-cherished tradition of six meals: breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper (although often afternoon tea and dinner may be one and the same). The factors that are creating the changes in New Zealand are similar to […]

New Zealand Foods Glossary and Food Terms

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS Aruhe, Parara, or Ruma: a fern-like shrub, one of the first “greens” used by the Maoris. The steamed roots were pounded into cakes said to be both medicinal and nourishing. Biscuits: cookies. Chips: french-fried potatoes. Colonial Goose: a stuffed, boned leg of lamb, roasted and served like goose. Probably […]

New Zealand Food and Culture

FOOD AND CULTURE IN NEW ZEALAND It is almost as though it were the last place created. Carefully arranged on two main islands it seems that nature’s awesome constructions display themselves solely for the delight of humans. Here is everything: snow-tipped mountains piercing the clouds, emerald green pastures dotted with sheep, glacial lakes spilling into […]

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