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Norwegian Food and Culture

FOOD AN CULTURE IN NORWAY There is more to Norway and Norwegians than meets the eye. Outwardly the country is the most sparsely populated in all of Europe with less than 25 percent of the land inhabited and more than 75 percent of it a vast stillness of barren mountain ranges. Outwardly Norwegians appear to […]

Norwegian Foods

FOODS IN NORWAY DAIRY PRODUCTS Glasses of cold milk, sour milk, and buttermilk are enjoyed by all ages at all meals and often as a refreshment. Many varieties of cheeses, mostly made from sheep’s and goats milk, range from creamy and sweet to the powerful gammel ost, a cheese so aged and odiferous that it […]

Domestic Life in Norway

NORWEGIAN DOMESTIC LIFE Although Norwegians treasure their solitude and privacy, they do enjoy social occasions. In rural areas social occasions are often combined with cooperative efforts concerned with smoking, pickling, salting, and preserving meats and fish, preserving berries and other fruits and communal baking of huge batches of flatbrod, enough for a whole season. The […]

Special Occasions in Norway

NORWEGIAN SPECIAL OCCASIONS The Norwegians were the last of the Teutonic tribes to set aside their beliefs in Odin and Thor and the glorious afterlife in Valhalla, the warrior’s final reward. This was followed by almost 500 years of Catholicism which in turn was suppressed in favor of Evangelical Lutheranism. Although the Norwegians are almost […]

Foods Commonly Used in Norway

NORWEGIAN FOODS THAT ARE COMMONLY USED Although ice cream vendors commonly hawk their wares at ski matches and shows throughout the winter, in other respects Norwegians are uncommonly conservative not only in foods but also in food preparation. This is not to say that Norwegian food is bland. It is not. Rather, care is taken […]

Meals and Customs in Norway

NORWEGIAN MEALS AND CUSTOMS So keen on sports and the outdoor life are the Norwegians that it seems they rise deliberately early to have time to fortify themselves with a heroic breakfast selected at will from a koltbord. Typically, this consists of an assortment of cold roasted and cured meats and sausages, eggs, ham, bacon, […]

Glossary of Foods and Food Terms in Norway

NORWEGIAN FOOD GLOSSARY AND FOOD TERMS Agurksalat: salad of salt-wilted cucumbers prepared by thinly slicing the fresh cucumbers and allowing them to stand after being liberally salted. The salting wilts the slices and helps to draw away any bitterness. Or the thin slices may be marinated in a sweet and sour mixture of vinegar, water, […]

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