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Meals and Customs in Poland

POLISH MEALS AND CUSTOMS Polish women take great pride in their culinary abilities; even daily foods are prepared with loving care. Festive foods are often simply the daily fare in larger quantity, because (so-called) daily fare is of classic quality. Polish meal patterns are similar to both Ukrainian and Russian in that soups, grains in […]

Glossary of Foods and Food Terms in Poland

POLISH FOOD GLOSSARY AND FOOD TERMS Baba or Babka: literally, “grandmother,” but in food terms refers lovingly to the light, rich Easter bread leavened with yeast and dotted with blanched almond slivers and golden raisins. Barszcz: Polish soup similar to Russian or Ukrainian Borsch. Made from beets or cabbage plus other ingredients. Tartness often achieved […]

Polish Food and Culture

FOOD AND CULTURE IN POLAND Her neighbors invaded her, fought with her, divided her into pieces, and for a time even erased her name from the map of Europe. Over a period of about 400 years, from the 1300s to the late 1700s, intermittent wars with Sweden, Russia, Turkey, and Germany continually changed the borders […]

Polish Foods

FOODS IN POLAND DAIRY PRODUCTS Fresh whole milk is used mainly by children with the adults preferring soured milk or buttermilk. Sour cream is widely used as an ingredient, as a dressing or a sauce, blended into soups, gravies and as a side dish. Cheeses are available, but the bland smoothness of pot or cottage […]

Domestic Life in Poland

POLISH DOMESTIC LIFE For the most part, in cities, only the most privileged can afford modern kitchen appliances. Country kitchens have changed little in hundreds of years: enamelware and cast-iron cooking pots, wooden implements for stirring and pounding, heavy rolling pins for doughy, mortar and pestle for crushing and blending, and sturdy, well-scrubbed wooden tables. […]

Special Occasions in Poland

POLISH SPECIAL OCCASIONS The majority of Poles are members of the Roman Catholic Church. An estimated 3 million out of the total population of over 35 million were of the Jewish faith before 1931, but members of this group were almost all victims of Nazi annihilation before and during World War II. Very small groups […]

Foods Commonly Used in Poland

POLISH FOODS THAT ARE COMMONLY USED The food tastes of conquerors and the ingenuity of the Poles in hard times is evident in the general taste for hearty substantial dishes based on local produce. The staples of the Polish diet are the homegrown grains, basic vegetables (beet, potatoes, and cabbages) that store well, and the […]

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