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Foods Commonly Used in Poland


The food tastes of conquerors and the ingenuity of the Poles in hard times is evident in the general taste for hearty substantial dishes based on local produce. The staples of the Polish diet are the homegrown grains, basic vegetables (beet, potatoes, and cabbages) that store well, and the many smoked and cured meats and sausages prepared from pork.

Among dairy products a preference is shown for sour cream and soured milk. Simple pot cheese is prepared and served in many satisfying ways to make complete meals. The rich flavor of abundant wild mushrooms appears in many thick soups and stews, and few homes are without their own barrels of sauerkraut which are used in many ways. The Polish taste for sweets is evident in their honey cakes and fine baked goods, and is characterized in a definite touch of sweetness in soups, fish dishes, and even salads made with vinegar and a generous taste of sugar. Dill, garlic, paprika, and sour cream are laced through many dishes, while baked goods are redolent with honey, raisins, and almonds. Beer and coffee are not as frequently taken as vodka and tea.

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