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Portuguese Foods and Culture

FOODS AND CULTURE OF PORTUGAL Why are the Portuguese so similar to the Spanish and yet so distinctly different? Portugal and Spain share the Iberian Peninsula, and the Portuguese themselves are an ethnic mix of Iberian and Moorish (Moroccan) elements, as are the Spanish. Yet a range of jagged mountains isolates Portugal and causes her […]

Portuguese Foods

FOODS IN PORTUGAL PORTUGUESE DAIRY PRODUCTS Cows and ewes supply milk which is used more to produce the many varieties of local cheeses than to take as a beverage. Five- and six-course meals are not uncommon in Portugal, especially in the North where hearty eaters abound in the cooler, moister weather. Some form of white […]

Foods Commonly Used in Portugal

COMMONLY USED PORTUGUESE FOODS Cooking in Portugal is hearty, simple, and distinctively regional. The penchant for fresh ingredients simply prepared is as important in Portugal as it is in Spain. But the Portuguese delight in unusual combinations such as seafood and pork in the same dish, and take pleasure in a stronger use of garlic […]

Domestic Life in Portugal

PORTUGUESE DOMESTIC LIFE Portuguese domestic life follows traditional patterns and in many rural areas regional costumes are much in evidence. Discipline of children and courtship follow strict patterns. These factors may result in adjustment problems when Portuguese emigrate to Canada and the United States. The father is the household head, but Portuguese women frequently work […]

Portuguese Special Occasions

SPECIAL OCCASIONS IN PORTUGAL The predominant religion of Portugal is Roman Catholic. Every town has its special legends. saints, and festivities concerning every aspect of the seasons, the land, family occasions, and religion. In fine weather almost anything becomes excuse enough for a family outing that probably includes relatives, neighbors, and ample provisions of fresh […]

Portuguese Meals and Customs

MEALS AND CUSTOMS IN PORTUGAL Few people feel more deeply about their native land, their childhood, or their food and drink than the Portuguese. They bring to their meals the same intensity as they bring to every other aspect of their lives. There is no philosophizing about food or drink as there is with the […]

Portuguese Food Glossary and Food Terms

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS IN PORTUGAL Acordas: similar to the migas of Spain, these are bread soups made with bread crumbs or a slice of day-old bread moistened with water or garlic-scented broth. Often served with a poached egg and a sprinkle of freshly, chopped coriander. Almondegas: seasoned meatballs rolled in flour and […]

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