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Russian Food and Culture

ABOUT FOOD AND CULTURE IN RUSSIA Nobody can find more excuses for eating than the Russian. The generous, gregarious Slav spirit can make a party with only one herring and a bottle of homemade vodka. Even the grayest, most depressing day will be greeted by the Russian with a gathering of chairs to the table […]

Russian Food

TYPES OF FOODS IN RUSSIA DAIRY PRODUCTS Smetana (sour cream) is an indispensable staple. Too many dishes would be unthinkable and uneatable without a topping of smetana. Whole cow’s milk, mare’s milk, and fresh cream are widely used in many dishes and as beverages hut usually well cooked. Sour milk in many forms, pot cheese […]

Domestic Life and Foods Commonly Used in Russia

RUSSIA’S DOMESTIC LIFE AND FOODS COMMONLY USED The center of the traditional Russian kitchen is a remarkable stove called the pleeta. Remarkable because it not only often provides the heat for most of the house, serves as a warm bed at night (with a mattress on top), but also cooks meals and bakes foods in […]

Russian Regional Food Specialties

REGIONAL FOOD SPECIALTIES IN RUSSIA AZERBAIJAN Lamb, rice, and yogurt predominate the cuisine while soups and stews are the favored forms of cooking. A custard of eggs sprinkled liberally with fresh green herbs forms the final garnish to many dishes, and exotic seasonings include saffron, cinnamon, pomegranate seeds, and the dried powder of plums and […]

Meals and Customs in Russia

RUSSIAN MEALS AND CUSTOMS The Russian day begins traditionally with a light breakfast of breads and tea and occasionally an egg or two fried or boiled. Lunch is most often a light meal, usually a hot meat or fish dish and often a pirog (type of pie). Even more frequently for a family lunch, the […]

Special Occasions in Russia

RUSSIAN SPECIAL OCCASIONS The predominant faith is represented by the Russian Orthodox Church founded by Vladimir the Great in 988 C.E. as an offshoot of the Greek (Byzantine) Orthodox Church. The main difference between the two is the translation of the service in the Russian Orthodox Church into what was known as Church Slavonic. Other […]

Russian Food Glossary

FOOD GLOSSARY IN RUSSIA AND FOOD TERMS Beef Stroganoff: thin slivers of beef in a rich sour cream sauce lightly seasoned with hot mustard. Addition of tomato puree and mushrooms are North American adaptations. Bitky: toothpick appetizer of tiny seasoned meatballs. Blinchiky: small, thin pancakes usually served with jam for dessert. Diminutive of Blini. Blini: […]

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