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Meals and Customs in Scotland

SCOTTISH MEALS AND CUSTOMS It has been said that the best Scottish meals are breakfast and tea. But those who have enjoyed fine black Angus beef or rich Scottish salmon may well have a quarrel. And though there has long been a Scottish superstition (especially in the north) against shell-fish and seafood as “the lice […]

Glossary of Foods and Food Terms in Scotland

SCOTTISH FOOD GLOSSARY AND FOOD TERMS Arbroath Smokies: tiny haddocks smoked slowly to a dark color and strong flavor. A specialty from the east coast near Dundee. Ashet: an oval or rectangular baking dish with high sides and spout, especially used for pies. Atholl Brose: a dessert made of honey, cream, and oatmeal moistened with […]

Scottish Food and Culture

FOOD AND CULTURE OF SCOTLAND A small, rocky country of streams and lakes, with a moderately cool climate, and proud, vigorous inhabitants, Scotland is also known for short-bread, marmalade, and Scotch whisky. Though about 5 million folk make their homes in the Highlands, Lowlands, and Uplands, it could almost be said that one of Scotland’s […]

Scottish Foods

FOODS IN SCOTLAND DAIRY PRODUCTS Milk, cream, and butter are widely and generously used. Cheeses in great variety are assuming increasing importance in the Scottish diet. Some types commonly used: Caboc: a log-shaped, soft, buttery cheese rolled in fine oatmeal and traditionally served with Baps. Caithness: a soft cheese aged sixty days. Hattit Kit: the […]

Domestic Life in Scotland

SCOTTISH DOMESTIC LIFE Simplicity and practicality, so much a part of the Scottish diet, are also a part of the Scottish kitchen. Utensils are sturdy and useful rather than ornamental, and many pieces of kitchenware (as well as recipes) have been handed down from mother to daughter. There are few gadgets, fewer luxury-type electrical appliances, […]

Special Occasions in Scotland

SCOTTISH SPECIAL OCCASIONS The Presbyterian Church of Scotland has more than a million followers. The Roman Catholic Church is second in importance with other denominations following in much lesser numbers. Christmas in Scotland is a one-day holiday highlighted with a festive family dinner at noon featuring roast chicken, mashed potatoes and turnips and climaxed with […]

Foods Commonly Used in Scotland

SCOTTISH FOODS THAT ARE COMMONLY USED Hearty soups, fish dishes, and a great variety of quick breads and cakes (leavened with soda or baking powder rather than yeast) are the staples in a Scottish kitchen. Fish may be considered one of the most important staples, but dairy products are also used in abundance. Fruits are […]

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