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Swiss Food Glossary and Food Terms

FOOD GLOSSARY AND FOOD TERMS IN SWITZERLAND Aromat: trade name for monosodium glutamate. Berner Platte: a massive platter of green beans, boiled potatoes, and sauerkraut artfully topped with smoked and salted pork, boiled tongue, and several types of spicy sausages. Served with side dishes of mustard sauces. Bindenfleisch: meat that is cured then dried in […]

Swiss Foods, Customs and Culture

LOCAL CUSTOMS, CULTURE AND FOODS OF SWITZERLAND If the Swiss have a gentle but perceptible air of superiority, it is well deserved. For over 675 years, Switzerland has maintained her status as an independent nation – no small feat for a nation in the heart of Europe. Switzerland is made up of 22 separate cantons, […]

Swiss Foods

FOODS OF SWITZERLAND Quality of ingredients and simplicity in preparation and serving of foods are typical of Swiss menus. There is stress on the importance of soups and many dishes made from cheese. Much bread is consumed and is a apart of all meals. Meats and fish are often expensive so are purchased and cooked […]

Swiss Domestic Life and Foods Commonly Used

DOMESTIC LIFE AND FOODS COMMONLY USED IN SWITZERLAND The Swiss reputation for hard work, orderliness, and simplicity is evidenced in the home. Swiss home-makers are “scrubbers”: every corner is scrupulously clean and ordered. Swiss kitchens vie with any in the western world for efficiency, appliances and convenience, but gadgets are used only if they are […]

Special Occasions in Switzerland

SWISS SPECIAL OCCASIONS More than 18 religious groups claim members in the 6.7 million Swiss population. By a slight majority, Protestants predominate. The many festivities that dot the Swiss calendar focus on the change of seasons, the movement of the cattle, planting and harvesting, and of course religious celebrations. All have in common an abundance […]

Meals and Customs in Switzerland

SWISS MEALS AND LOCAL CUSTOMS Hotel administration schools and internationally famous chefs’ schools may teach sophisticated cuisine while Swiss restaurants may cater to every taste sensation, but in the Swiss home, light and simple meals are the rule. Muesli and milchkaffee are a popular Swiss way to begin the day, but cafe complet or chocolate […]

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