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Australian Food and Culture

Food and Culture in Australia On the largest island and the smallest continent in the world more than 18 million people make their home among unusual flora and fauna and some of the most unique animals in the world: the kangaroo, the dingo (a howling, doglike night hunter), the koala bear, and the platypus. One […]

Australian Food

DAIRY PRODUCTS Fresh whole milk is used in quantity by most Australian families: children drink milk at most meals and adults enjoy milk in puddings, soups, custards, and tea. Skim milk, 2 percent (partially skimmed) milk, and cottage cheese are not widely accepted, nor is skim milk powder. Cheeses are not a usual part of […]

Domestic Life and Special Occasions in Australia

DOMESTIC LIFE Australian kitchens are similar to those in North America, though smaller and probably boasting fewer appliances and gadgets. Electricity is favored over gas as a cooking fuel, but outdoor picnics and barbecues are frequent and preferred because of the pleasant climate. Home freezers are not yet common, so there are few frozen products […]

Australian Meals and Customs

MEALS AND CUSTOMS There are no particular rituals associated with meals in Australia. The three-meals-a-day pattern is prevalent, with morning and afternoon breaks usually consisting of tea or beer with a small snack. The Australian woman taking her lunch at home will eat sparsely; the working person will have an inexpensive hot plate of mince, […]

Glossary of Foods and Food Terms in Australia

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS Anzac Crispies: crisp oatmeal cookies. Beetroot: common name for beets. Biscuits: common name for cookies, many of which are also known as Kiwi Crisps, Maori Kisses, Hokey Pokey Biscuits, Moomba Fingers, and so on. Brawn: a jelled mix of cooked cubed beef, veal, and pork. Capsicums: common name for […]

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