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Belgian Food and Culture

Food and Culture in Belgium In 1830, Belgium, a small heavily populated country bordering on France, Germany, and Luxembourg, detached itself from the Netherlands and became an independent nation. Its history is a long story of other nations marching over Belgian soil, each leaving an imprint upon the people and their traditions: Romans, Franks, Spaniards, […]

Foods from Belgium

BELGIAN FOODS DAIRY PRODUCTS Fresh milk as a beverage is not too popular; even children prefer to drink cafe au lait. Much fresh cream and whole milk are used in the preparation of soups, custards, and many sauces. Cheeses are often eaten with breads for breakfast. Creme fraiche, a thick and slightly tangy cream, is […]

Belgian Domestic Life and Special Occasions

DOMESTIC LIFE Most Belgian kitchens, though tiny by western standards, are well equipped, people commonly own freezers and dishwashers. Because there is still a strong preference for the use of fresh, seasonal foods, large storage areas and complicated equipment are really not a necessity. Family meals are often eaten in the home, but entertaining may […]

Meals and Customs in Belgium

MEALS AND CUSTOMS Belgians are noted for their politeness, which is evident in business and at home. No dinner guest would ever be late, nor would a guest arrive without a bouquet of flowers or a beautifully wrapped box of candies. A short aperitif hour is customary, followed by a leisurely dinner with wine and […]

Belgian Foods Glossary

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS A la Flamande: “in the Flemish style,” i.e., rich with smooth egg and cream sauces. Amuse-geules: small cocktail tidbits. Biftek: used to describe any trimmed, boneless piece of meat whether beef, veal, pork, or horsemeat. Botermelk met Mavermout: buttermilk soup thickened with oatmeal, enjoyed on meatless Fridays in Catholic […]

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