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Meals and Customs in Morocco

MOROCCAN MEALS AND CUSTOMS Moroccans commonly awake to the nose-tickling aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Tiny cups of coffee may be served black, heavily sweetened, or delicately spiced depending on the home and the location. Breakfast is not an important meal; the important meal of the day is most often the midday meal. Usually more […]

Glossary of Foods and Food Terms in Morocco

MOROCCAN FOOD GLOSSARY AND FOOD TERMS Amalou: a smooth thick blend of crushed almonds, honey and olive oil used as a spread on Khboz (regular bread) or fried breads, and as an ingredient in a breakfast gruel called Zematur. Barbary Figs: name given to a succulent pear-shaped fruit of a type of cactus plant. Also […]

Moroccan Food and Culture

FOOD AND CULTURE IN MOROCCO Morocco nestles on the northwest coast of Africa bordering the shores of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean with a finger of land pointing north-ward to Spain. This is also part of the region known as the Mahgrib, where great extremes of climate occur between the coastal regions, the tips of […]

Foods in Morocco

MOROCCAN FOODS DAIRY PRODUCTS Fresh milk consumption is considered to be low, but for good reasons. As in other areas of North Africa and the Middle East, transportation and storage facilities make it difficult to distribute perishables such as fresh milk. Whether out of taste or out of necessity, leben is a favored beverage. It […]

Domestic Life in Morocco

MOROCCAN DOMESTIC LIFE Just as it is impossible to make sweeping generalizations about the 200 distinctive Berber groups, so is it impossible to speak of the average Moroccan home. The great gap between rich and poor defies comparisons. How can one even speak in the same breath of the lifestyle of a nomadic Berber tribe […]

Special Occasions in Morocco

MOROCCAN SPECIAL OCCASIONS The population of Morocco is 99 percent Arab-Berber, and therefore Muslim, with a tiny minority of Christians and Jews. Religious holidays, family occasions, and guests all call forth gracious hospitality and an abundance of the best of foods. To mark the sweetness of the occasion it is not unusual for the festive […]

Foods Commonly Used in Morocco

MOROCCAN FOODS THAT ARE COMMONLY USED A variety of cultures have reached into Moroccan kitchens. Spanish chickpeas, Arabian spices, Portuguese fish dishes (especially in the coastal city of Essaouira), and African and Senegalese spicy sauces all take their places with the ancient Berber dishes of couscous, tagine, bisteeya, and mechoui and make artful use of […]

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