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Greek Food and Culture

FOOD AND CULTURE OF GREECE Pleasures drive out pain and excessive pain leads men to seek excessive pleasures… – Aristotle The above was spoken by a Greek, and more than twenty centuries later it is still the core truism of Greeks everywhere. No characteristic is more typically Greek than the inherent ability to balance pain […]

Glossary of Foods and Food Terms in Greece

GLOSSARY OF FOODS AND FOOD TERMS Note: Variations in spelling may be noted, especially the interchange of “d” and “th.” Anginares: artichokes. Jerusalem or root artichokes are not known in the Greek kitchen; this term refers to the small globe variety. Arni: lamb, the favorite Greek meat and highlight of feasts. Avgolemono: egg-lemon sauce prepared […]

Greek Foods

FOODS FROM GREECE DAIRY PRODUCTS Milk is not a favorite beverage for the Greeks, whose dairy products of choice are yogurt and cheese. Yogurt, usually made at home, is used as a snack or ingredient in many dishes. Cheeses vary from mild to strong and may be grated for use in cookery or cut into […]

Greek Domestic Life

DOMESTIC LIFE IN GREECE Greek survival is attributable, in large measure, to the closeness of family ties and responsibilities. There is no doubt that the Greek male child is favored and loved by mother and sisters, but in later years he returns this affection with a strong devotion which often includes the postponement of his […]

Greek Special Occasions

SPECIAL OCCASIONS IN GREECE To outsiders it seems that “Greeks are always either feasting or fasting.” There is good reason: 98 percent of the Greek population is Greek Orthodox and the calendar revolves around the fasts and festivals of the Church and all public and private activities are geared to it. Feasting preceded by fasting […]

Greek Meals and Customs

MEALS AND CUSTOMS IN GREECE Greeks don’t like being alone and don’t think that anyone or even any thing should ever be alone. For example, a drink must always be accompanied with food and food must always be enjoyed with friends. Greek men can always find an excuse to be with other men and consider […]

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